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Young Entrepreneurs

Every start-up or business in the world, be it the failed Tiny Owl or the multi-billion dollar worth Google incepted with a simple & single idea. While the idea is the most important foundation for any organisation or business, young entrepreneurs need the requisite capital, team and flexibility to take the organisation further. While ideas hold great impetus in the development of a start-up, young entrepreneurs must also pay heed to the basics of foundation before stepping into the dynamic business world.

When an entrepreneur starts their organisation, more than often they seek for monetary help from family and friends. This process of raising money from family and friends is called bootstrapping. While friends and family do the best of their ability, individuals must realise their need to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and start searching for seed investors as soon as possible. During the seed round, young entrepreneurs must be primarily speaking to angel investors, who are capable of providing a capital for start-ups, in exchange for equity. With the business still in its embryonic state, any money raised will be invaluable for taking your organisation to the next stage, which may include launching your product to market, investing in design & branding, building your team, or start marketing. Following the seeding round, young entrepreneurs can then look for raising capital through series funding that will launch a start-up to its full potential.

In this quest of ours to help aspiring entrepreneurs, we’ve written about how individuals can secure funding, the different types of companies, tax planning among others.

To help young entrepreneurs understand the nuances of funding, we’re sharing an infographic that was designed by Funders and Founders. The detailed infographic speaks about the intricacies of bootstrapping and funding, along with the nuances of equity and registration. Have a look:

If this does entice you, do check out the entire blog here.

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