• What Does It Take To Become A Successful Technopreneur?

    As a force that makes the world go round, technology can be quite a powerful and versatile transformational tool. When it comes to managing tech-based startups, however; an organisation’s success greatly depends upon the abilities of the technopreneur to navigate the technological landscape with their quick wit and resourcefulness. If you too, plan on building […]

    Guardians of the Galaxy- The Technopreneurs Who are Changing the World Vol. 2

    Welcome back the readers who have returned for the 2nd part of Pick My Story’s five-blog series on the real-life ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. In our previous blog, which you should read BTW if you are a new visitor who wants to get some context, we had presented the 1st contender, thy name is Elon Musk who we […]