• 3 Reason for not doing Digital Marketing on your own!

    ‘How should I do digital marketing for my start-up?’ It was a question that was asked by the founder of an up-and-coming e-Commerce start-up from Mumbai. With a business model much like that of ‘Tanishq’s CaratLane, this young entrepreneur stepped into the domain of artistic & fashionable jewelry. The idea is simple! Much hasn’t changed […]
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    Here’s How Every Business Entrepreneur Can Scale Their Business Without Funding

    Securing funding for one’s startup is every business entrepreneur’s dream. While it may sound lucrative to secure funding, business entrepreneurs must realise that it is not as romantic as it sounds. In the present economic scenario, business entrepreneurs must also understand that securing a stable funding is not imperative for running a successful new business […]
  • The 7 Dwarfs Of a Startup Story

    Nowadays, almost every one out of 5 people wants to be an entrepreneur. The epidemic of startup has consumed every creative mind of our generation. Everyday hundreds of startup pop their heads in the global market in an attempt to achieve what their predecessors in the entrepreneurial domain did. Venturing on a startup requires a […]

    Got a New Entrepreneurial Idea? Hold your Horses before you decide to step-in!

    Remember the last time you ordered food online via Tiny Owl? Or that one day when you were too lazy to go to a shop and just took the help of Local Banya for grocery? No? Well, that’s because these are all the failed startups India has seen in last 3-4 years. Every year hundreds […]
  • Young Entrepreneurs, The Future Lies In M-Commerce!

    Young Entrepreneurs, in this dynamic world of communication it has become evident that smartphones are not just a mode to communicate, but are looked upon as devices that carry out diverse functions. Like the name, the devices have become better and smarter in innumerable ways and the same can be seen with every technological update […]

    Unemployment Scenario: Is the Startup Ecosystem a Ray of Hope?

    “Beta, Naukri Mili?” “Nahi Mausiji, aaj bhi kuch nahi hua!” This conversation has become regular in every street and locality of India. Recently a study proved that almost 60% of engineering graduates are unemployed. This is a saddening situation especially when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to generate 250 million jobs over the […]
  • Entrepreneur’s Most Promising Startup Verticals in Year 2017

    The technology revolution has transformed business operations across all industries and Startup sector is no exception to that. The landscape of Indian technology startups has taken a tremendous leap towards creating innovative business ventures. India has become home o the new breed of young entrepreneurs. Last year in 2016, the number of startups in India was […]

    Minimum Value Product (MVP) – The New Age Revolution?

    MVP! Wondering what this term means? Let’s explore. You have a startup business idea. You sit with your business partners and investors, decide a business model, discuss the pros and cons, work on the business model and then finally launch it. So much toiling and so much time investment. Even after working so hard there […]
  • Young Entrepreneurs, Here Are 3 Tricks You Must Remember!

    A lot of ifs and buts are bound to pop up on the way when young entrepreneurs launch their startups. While most of the questions require guidance and help in one form or the other, young entrepreneurs must adhere to some basic rules before embarking on the journey. With our blog, we aim at helping […]

    Customers Relations Management- Innovative System to Enhance Business Relations

    Customers Relations Management: Customers Relations Management is not exactly confined into one terminology of ‘a tool’ or ‘a device’, it’s a system! A system which integrates practices, strategies and technologies that enable the businesses to manage and analyse customer interaction. CRM is one of the most valuable systems for any small business for enforcing significantly […]
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