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2 min readStartups and Social Media Campaigns: How They Go Hand in Hand?

  • by Meghna Tongiya
  • 5 Months ago
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Startup commencement can be a strenuous task. And once that you have come up with a startup it again becomes essential that the world knows about your wonderful plan. Because obviously, unless you tell your plan to the world you cannot expect an unknown force to magically convey about your startup. Hence, it becomes essential that a medium or channel is adopted which will make the people aware about your brand. And what better way to communicate than social media.

India is turning into a digital economy, an economy where every second person has a mobile phone. To capture the Indian market it is essential that effective social media campaigns are adopted to create an awareness of your startup. Swiggy, Ustraa, Ola, and many more startups are great examples of successful startups who have adopted wonderful social media strategy. So here are some reasons why social media campaigns are important for a startup:

  1. Brand Awareness:

The foremost reason is the brand awareness of your startup. An effective social media campaign can help in creating the best awareness for your brand. If you create a single YouTube video that has something different and can touch the hearts and minds of the audience, it is done. You create a wonderful brand image for your product.

  1. Influence Marketing:

It is very well-known that your competitors may also be adopting various social media strategies to influence the market. So, keep an eye on your competitors and come up with a unique strategy. This will make your idea different, and give you a good customer base.

  1. Target Audience:

It is very easy to understand the target audience through tools like Facebook insights and many more. Through this you can analyze the likes and dislikes of the audience and accordingly include changes in your business model or your social media campaign. Thus, not lacking behind in customer satisfaction as well.

So there you go. Make your business active through social media and remain in the minds and hearts of the audience.

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