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2 min readOrganisation Startup. 3 Points to Keep in Mind Before You Start.


No one till date has ever said that dreaming is bad. The ability to dream is one of the most encouraging facets of a human mind. And, the will to turn these dreams into reality is the greatest thing. While the idea of starting your organisation is as endearing as one can think of, the hard work, perseverance, and toil that you went through are often ignored by everyone. Various factors like raising money, having the most enthusiastic team members, making the product better are important. You also have to lay emphasis on the myriad of emotions that you go through.With numerous highs and lows in the startup organisation world, here are a few things that you must keep in mind to prepare yourself to take the plunge:

1. Let Experience Teach You:

Experience is the best teacher. It sure teaches you more than an MBA or any other business degree. Grad schools might teach about entrepreneurship and business organisation tactics, but they don’t provide real-world exposure. Exposure is needed in surplus amounts when you are running your own organisation. While many might claim that the initial stages are grinding, the same does not hold true for any startup organisation. Startups organisation nowadays are constantly changing and growing at an unpredictable pace. With so much uncertainty, you can just wish to either succumb to pressure or learn from the experiences that the startup organisation world offers.

2. Overcome Your Fears:

Starting an organisation is not going to be a cakewalk. While everyone fancies being the boss of their own organisation, the reality is far from what one dreams. More than often, you may need to let go of your job or other sources of income to pursue your dream. Apart from the savings you invest, the time and efforts are worth considering. Whilst all of this sounds scary, you have to overcome these fears to turn your vision into reality. By taking a leap of faith towards your dream, you not only have the joy of moving towards your dream, but also the joy of going into an unknown territory.

3. You Will Fail:

Everyone is bound to fail. Even people going to the best of business schools in the world are bound to fail. Thanks to the teaching curriculum which just teaches you how to succeed! Having said this, you have to learn how to cope with failure all by yourself. But, it is during times like these that you bring yourself together to stay afloat. What you learn and take from such failures is extremely important, as failures have the power to define you as a person.

All-in-all, you can be assured of learning a lot more lessons while starting an organisation, which can never be put down in mere words. However, as someone who has started, endured and failed, all I can say is, there is no greater pleasure than working for your own dream.

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