• Young Entrepreneurs, Here’s How You Can Deal With Rejection!

    In the nascent stages of one’s business idea, rejection is bound to happen. In fact, young entrepreneurs get so accustomed to rejection that it becomes a daily aspect of life. Whilst it can come from all the sides: customers, family, investors, partners; it depends on how one takes it in their stride. Young entrepreneurs who […]

    Young Entrepreneurs’ Hidden Digital Marketing Weapon: SEO

    We are three months into 2017, and we already know the year is bleak for the start-up ecosystem in India. With rising competition from the overseas market, it is becoming extremely difficult for Indian start-ups and young entrepreneurs to thrive in these competitive conditions. While securing a sizeable amount of funding is one way to […]
  • Marketing automation System: An Intuitive Marketing Tool for your Startup

    We have stepped into the Information age in which the flow of information decides the direction of the business world and where business grows, money goes! Possession of tools which can be used to analyse and utilise the information impacts the efficiency & success-rate of a business. That is what makes a small business, big! […]

    Startup Plans? Here are the Potential Sectors for Your Business

    Startup talks have been round the corner for quite a time now. From a college student to a working professional or even a house wife today dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, given the huge potential the Indian market offers startups today. But with rising number the competition also increases. Thus, it is essential to understand […]
  • 3 Ways to Build a Strong Network for Your Startup

    Networking is extremely essential for a startup. You cannot be a lone fish in the island be it in any case. By time immemorial, advantages of networking have been discussed and debated by many industrial professionals. We are not even treading there, but the area where we are surely treading is how to network. Successful […]

    Logo is Crucial for a Startup! Some Mind-fodder to Convince You Why

    A logo is defined as a symbol or other small design adopted by an organisation to identify its products. You might be starting out and wondering whether to invest in a good design or not. Well, it might be tempting to not invest in a good design but experts will tell you otherwise. It will […]
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  • Startups and Social Media Campaigns: How They Go Hand in Hand?

    Startup commencement can be a strenuous task. And once that you have come up with a startup it again becomes essential that the world knows about your wonderful plan. Because obviously, unless you tell your plan to the world you cannot expect an unknown force to magically convey about your startup. Hence, it becomes essential […]

    Organisation Culture: How to Build it in 2 Easy Steps

    Organisation culture. When an employee walks through the walls of a start-up, he/she has high inhibitions about the place, especially considering how much one gets to experiment & learn. Apart from the working environment, startups are known for their bustling surroundings that encourage innovation and intrapreneurship in every aspect. Whilst it is true that everyone […]
  • The Marketing Scenario if We Happen To Move to Mars- Part 2

    In this segment of Marketing at Mars, there are a few more companies that we can think of who would really benefit with their marketing if we happen to move to mars. Talk, Talk, Talk- After the Infrastructure, the next important thing would be to establish a communication channel for the humans who live there. […]
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    How To Do Tax Planning For Your Startup? Save a Few Dimes On Tax!

    Startup India, the scheme launched last year by PM Narendra Modi initiated India’s journey towards being a startup pro nation. The initiative included a slew of measures for encouraging the young entrepreneurs of the country to come up awesome ideas. In return, the government shall help them in actualizing them and turning it into sustainable businesses. […]
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