• Here Are 3 Ways Young Entrepreneurs Can Turn Their Ideas Into A Business!

    Young entrepreneurs are likely to come up with great ideas for various businesses on the fly. With the intent of solving the problems that exist in the world, business entrepreneurs across the globe are working towards filling the needs that are currently going unmet. Entrepreneurs across the globe also get these ideas at some of the […]

    Fin-Tech Sector: A Multi Billion Dollar Promise Or Just an Interim Trend?

    In the last decade or so, the financial sector radically started adopting computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services. Innovation and technology have revolutionised the traditional financial services. The young entrepreneurs and innovators in the financial sector have started utilising tech tools to bring in seamless and innovative financial services for […]
  • Business Entrepreneurs, Here Are 3 Ways To Instigate Your Employee’s Ideation Skills!

    Most of the startups have an enthusiastic team of multi-taskers. The team members in a startup are often up for a fast-paced, ever-changing environment which progresses with feedback, innovative ideas and execution. Thanks to the challenging environment, individuals at a start-up develop requisite skills, knowledge and persistence. Whilst, the day-to-day tasks might be required for […]

    Young Entrepreneurs, The Future Lies In M-Commerce!

    Young Entrepreneurs, in this dynamic world of communication it has become evident that smartphones are not just a mode to communicate, but are looked upon as devices that carry out diverse functions. Like the name, the devices have become better and smarter in innumerable ways and the same can be seen with every technological update […]
  • Twitter can Give the Entrepreneurs The Power to Break the Internet!

    Entrepreneurs! The knights of innovation who strive to fight the chaos in the ever-changing business world. The remarkable individuals who toil away around the clock to bring their ideas to reality in a hope to make lives of the people better! Their dedication towards their startup, the tenacity to work towards their vision and the […]

    Startups and Cultural Chasm: How to Overcome It?

    When we hear the word startup, what do we first imagine? Painted office walls, bean bags, pool table and lots of fun with work. Right? It is seen that more and more startup companies are evolving and they are all shifting away from the traditional norms of corporate offices like formal attires, the 9-5 working […]
  • Young Entrepreneurs, Here Are 3 Easy Steps To Manage Your Investor’s Expectations!

    Entrepreneurship is never easy. Young entrepreneurs across the globe have been in the trenches since long, having not raised or having raised some marginal investment for their ideas. Upon meandering through the deep sea of startups young entrepreneurs will realise that the toughest parts of entrepreneurship lie in handling investors expectations. But with honest, clear, […]

    Entrepreneur’s Most Promising Startup Verticals in Year 2017

    The technology revolution has transformed business operations across all industries and Startup sector is no exception to that. The landscape of Indian technology startups has taken a tremendous leap towards creating innovative business ventures. India has become home o the new breed of young entrepreneurs. Last year in 2016, the number of startups in India was […]
  • CHATBOTS – Redefining the World of Marketing! Part 2

    CHATBOTS – The latest buzz in the marketing world right now. It is very evident that digital marketing is the new phase of marketing and constant evolution in this field is observed. We today have an app or a website for everything, be it food, travel, clothing or anything on this planet. (We even have […]

    Lean Startup: The Technique to Keep Your Startup’s BMI in-check

    People who step into the world of the startup are fully aware of the impending money-crunch, tireless work, ton of rejections and constant fear of crumbling down. They do so because they wish to do something of their own. The primal thought behind any startup comes from the urge to pursue a more personality-centrist career. […]
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