4 Things Every Traditional Indian Product Startup Needs To Know!

Startup:The rapid growth witnessed by traditional Indian science brands like Patanjali Ayurved has highlighted that there is a great demand for traditional Indian products amongst the Indian consumer. The market is huge in itself and is ever growing as people’s interest in homegrown products continues to increase at a rapid pace. If you too have […]

3 Reason for not doing Digital Marketing on your own!

‘How should I do digital marketing for my start-up?’ It was a question that was asked by the founder of an up-and-coming e-Commerce start-up from Mumbai. With a business model much like that of ‘Tanishq’s CaratLane, this young entrepreneur stepped into the domain of artistic & fashionable jewelry. The idea is simple! Much hasn’t changed […]

5 Things Every Non-Conventional Energy Startup Founder Must Know!

With the onset of new startups such as Tesla ushering in the non-conventional energy (also popularly known as green energy) era; there is a rapidly growing demand in global markets for innovative energy solutions. If you too are planning to launch or manage a startup that deals with non-conventional energy solutions, we have great advice […]

Know The Top 5 Business Practices Of The Highest Rated Startups!

It takes a lot to own and manage a startup. However, one can still learn a lot from the business entrepreneur who has already owned and managed successful startups before. Read on ahead to discover the top 5 success secrets of these very entrepreneurs! 5. Trusting research-backed decision making: Successful startups take sound decisions – […]

3 Things you need to know before you Upscale your Startup!

What would you do if your startup idea starts taking the concrete form of a business? We can bet that a maximum percentage of you guys will favour exploiting opportunities to upscale under such circumstances. Makes sense, right? The year 2016 was a reality check for the Indian startup ecosystem. An eye opener which kinda […]

What Can My Startup Do To Stand Apart From The Competition?

Managing new startups can be an exceptionally time consuming thing; often enough so that worrying about what the competition is up to can easily slip one’s mind. However, it pays in the shorter and longer run to take a good look at one’s competitors and adjust one’s products, services or offerings in such a way […]

Do you have a mentor? Well, look for one. Here’s why!

Do you know the meaning of the term ‘Mentor’? Of course you do! And if you are a young entrepreneur then you are probably looking for one! Every great person, may or may not have a woman behind them but there is definitely a mentor. If you take a glance at the now historic times […]

5 Things Successful Tech Startups Do Differently

Venturing into uncharted business territory by launching your very own tech startups can be a daunting task indeed, especially so when you’re from a country such as India that ranks 3rd in tech-startup exits globally. This is particularly so when your competitors are as smart and technologically advanced as yourselves. What is it that you […]

Is Your Agri-Startup Equipped To Deal With Volatility?

Agriculture is back in the news yet again. Right from politicians declaring loan waivers to appease their vote banks to farmers coming out on the streets to protest for their rights, the volatility of the profession is on full display for one and all to witness. If you own or plan to own an agri-startup […]

What Does It Take To Become A Successful Technopreneur?

As a force that makes the world go round, technology can be quite a powerful and versatile transformational tool. When it comes to managing tech-based startups, however; an organisation’s success greatly depends upon the abilities of the technopreneur to navigate the technological landscape with their quick wit and resourcefulness. If you too, plan on building […]
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