• 3 Things you need to know before you Upscale your Startup!

    What would you do if your startup idea starts taking the concrete form of a business? We can bet that a maximum percentage of you guys will favour exploiting opportunities to upscale under such circumstances. Makes sense, right? The year 2016 was a reality check for the Indian startup ecosystem. An eye opener which kinda […]

    Dhinchak Pooja + Startups + Content Marketing = Awesome Branding

    Hello all & welcome back to Pick My Story, your source for getting definitely the most interesting & effective startup mantras. We hope that you have read our last blog which covered the story of a very high-tech startup from Bangalore that is bringing a brand new concept in India. Entropik Tech is the name and it […]
  • Startup Success = Awesome Ideas Perfectly + Spot-on Timing!

    People who are in the startup phase of their lives understand the risks of entering the domain. Crushing work pressure, massive self-dependency, uncertainty and hundreds of other factors are just waiting to dog you in your entrepreneurial journey. Nearly 90% of the startups fail! New entrepreneurial business ideas step into the stringent business world, only […]

    Entrepreneurial Psychological Traits can Lay-out your Startup Path

    The history of human society has been shaped through several casts of ‘ism’ throughout the journey of time. If you take a look back at the last century, you will find that humans passed through different phases of understanding when it came to their sense of existence. Activism, communism, commercialism, consumerism, industrialism and thousands of […]
  • Fin-Tech Sector: A Multi Billion Dollar Promise Or Just an Interim Trend?

    In the last decade or so, the financial sector radically started adopting computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services. Innovation and technology have revolutionised the traditional financial services. The young entrepreneurs and innovators in the financial sector have started utilising tech tools to bring in seamless and innovative financial services for […]

    Twitter can Give the Entrepreneurs The Power to Break the Internet!

    Entrepreneurs! The knights of innovation who strive to fight the chaos in the ever-changing business world. The remarkable individuals who toil away around the clock to bring their ideas to reality in a hope to make lives of the people better! Their dedication towards their startup, the tenacity to work towards their vision and the […]
  • CHATBOTS – Redefining the World of Marketing! Part 2

    CHATBOTS – The latest buzz in the marketing world right now. It is very evident that digital marketing is the new phase of marketing and constant evolution in this field is observed. We today have an app or a website for everything, be it food, travel, clothing or anything on this planet. (We even have […]

    3 Ways to Build a Strong Network for Your Startup

    Networking is extremely essential for a startup. You cannot be a lone fish in the island be it in any case. By time immemorial, advantages of networking have been discussed and debated by many industrial professionals. We are not even treading there, but the area where we are surely treading is how to network. Successful […]
  • Entrepreneurs! Add These Books by Female Entrepreneurs to Your Read-List

    Entrepreneurs are a pro at multitasking because they are involved in numerous activities in their startups. However, this can be a daunting task too and often they find their motivation levels waning. We agree that inspiration can be found anywhere but nothing can beat reading real stories about those who have made it big by […]
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    Tax Planning For Your Startup? Tips to Save a Few Dimes! Part 2

    The budget 2017 has turned out to be sort of a boon for the startup sector of the country. The period of profit-linked deductions available to the startup has been increased from 5 years to 7 years now. Moreover, the companies have been allowed to carry forward their Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT) to 15 years […]
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