• 4 Things Every Traditional Indian Product Startup Needs To Know!

    Startup:The rapid growth witnessed by traditional Indian science brands like Patanjali Ayurved has highlighted that there is a great demand for traditional Indian products amongst the Indian consumer. The market is huge in itself and is ever growing as people’s interest in homegrown products continues to increase at a rapid pace. If you too have […]
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    • 3 Years ago
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    3 Reason for not doing Digital Marketing on your own!

    ‘How should I do digital marketing for my start-up?’ It was a question that was asked by the founder of an up-and-coming e-Commerce start-up from Mumbai. With a business model much like that of ‘Tanishq’s CaratLane, this young entrepreneur stepped into the domain of artistic & fashionable jewelry. The idea is simple! Much hasn’t changed […]
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    • 3 Years ago
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  • 5 Things Every Non-Conventional Energy Startup Founder Must Know!

    With the onset of new startups such as Tesla ushering in the non-conventional energy (also popularly known as green energy) era; there is a rapidly growing demand in global markets for innovative energy solutions. If you too are planning to launch or manage a startup that deals with non-conventional energy solutions, we have great advice […]
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    What Can My Startup Do To Stand Apart From The Competition?

    Managing new startups can be an exceptionally time consuming thing; often enough so that worrying about what the competition is up to can easily slip one’s mind. However, it pays in the shorter and longer run to take a good look at one’s competitors and adjust one’s products, services or offerings in such a way […]
  • The 7 Dwarfs Of a Startup Story

    Nowadays, almost every one out of 5 people wants to be an entrepreneur. The epidemic of startup has consumed every creative mind of our generation. Everyday hundreds of startup pop their heads in the global market in an attempt to achieve what their predecessors in the entrepreneurial domain did. Venturing on a startup requires a […]

    3 Lessons Which Will Keep you From Being TVF Pitcher’s Rastogi

    A couple days ago, I had a fortune to meet someone who has been active in the startup domain. A not-so-young entrepreneur in his mid-forties, embarked on his fourth business venture with a new business startup idea. No! I am not describing Rastogi from TVF Pitchers, but sure, you can use him as a frame […]
  • Lessons From Entrepreneurs – 3: Larry Page Missing Out On Social Networking!

    How often do we hear inspiring stories of new ideas for business startups, and their journey to the top? As aspiring young entrepreneurs, we often get inspired with motivational quotes by famous personalities and visionaries, without paying much heed to what went into attaining that goal. By portraying the journies as effortless, we as young […]

    3 Financial Management Tips not to take from Kingfisher

    Nowadays, Mr. Vijay Mallya is in buzz and not because of his liquor business or airline or calendars, but because of his spectacular embezzlement. He allegedly defaulted on bank loans worth Rs 9,000 Crore and atrociously violated the banking and aviation business laws. One of India’s most prominent businessmen and richest men, Vijay Mallya’s flamboyant […]
  • Startups and Cultural Chasm: How to Overcome It?

    When we hear the word startup, what do we first imagine? Painted office walls, bean bags, pool table and lots of fun with work. Right? It is seen that more and more startup companies are evolving and they are all shifting away from the traditional norms of corporate offices like formal attires, the 9-5 working […]

    Digital Marketing Aspects That Entrepreneurs Must Know!

    Launching a start-up is a commendable feat. Evading the words of discouragement, fighting the odds, and chasing the dream are just a few of the aspects that one goes through while launching their startups. Though launching a start-up is an achievement in itself, one must realize that it is just the beginning. All aspiring entrepreneurs […]
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