• 5 Things Every Non-Conventional Energy Startup Founder Must Know!

    With the onset of new startups such as Tesla ushering in the non-conventional energy (also popularly known as green energy) era; there is a rapidly growing demand in global markets for innovative energy solutions. If you too are planning to launch or manage a startup that deals with non-conventional energy solutions, we have great advice […]
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    • 3 Years ago
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    What Can My Startup Do To Stand Apart From The Competition?

    Managing new startups can be an exceptionally time consuming thing; often enough so that worrying about what the competition is up to can easily slip one’s mind. However, it pays in the shorter and longer run to take a good look at one’s competitors and adjust one’s products, services or offerings in such a way […]
  • 5 Things Successful Tech Startups Do Differently

    Venturing into uncharted business territory by launching your very own tech startups can be a daunting task indeed, especially so when you’re from a country such as India that ranks 3rd in tech-startup exits globally. This is particularly so when your competitors are as smart and technologically advanced as yourselves. What is it that you […]