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  • The Marketing Scenario If We Happen to Move to Mars – Part 3

3 min readThe Marketing Scenario If We Happen to Move to Mars – Part 3

  • by shoeb mannur
  • 4 Years ago
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Reading Time: 3 minutes

We strongly believe in the fact that a new initiative always come with new beginnings and in the initiative of homo-sapience moving to mars to establish livable colonies shall give rise to start-ups. Yes right, now we cover a few innovative start-ups that could pave their way on the new terrain and come up with some innovative ideas that would make our life at the red planet easy.

That first start-up that we can think of is may be something like “Radial Skin” – In the initial phases of the terraforming when the atmosphere would still be a bit thin, we humans would be prone to a lot of radiations. These radiations would basically react with our skin causing multiple disorders. One of the most prominent one being skin cancer. To avoid such problems Radial Skin would have come up with a lotion which when applied would form a thin layer of coated substance which will basically feel like a skin. This skin would protect us from the harmful radiations for sure but in addition to that we could have this in different flavors (just to add some humour to it). These flavors would be pheromones – don’t tell me you never thought how we would populate the new world? Well someone would have to, right?

While we have left no stones unturned to ruin our mother nature, we hope that we humans would have developed some sense by then that we shouldn’t ruin the environment of our new home. As there is already some good amount of methane in the atmosphere, we would have a new energy company known as “MethaneX” whose primary innovation would be to extract methane from the air and convert it into reusable fuel for our vehicles. This would serve 2 purposes –

  1. Clean the environment of the methane to a considerable level and

  2. B. Preserve the nature.

Now to extract this methane, one would need a complex mechanical extractor that could just capture the methane from the air around it. Even though this sort a technology is already available, it is really difficult to make use of in unfavorable conditions.

In addition to the above, another start-up that we can think of could be the one which we recently came across – “Green Pyramid Biotech”. Now we are aware of the fact that red planet is deficient of water and when it comes to the preservation of the limited resources which we would be artificially producing or importing from earth, would call for dire replacements. So this start-up has come up with a liquid solution whose 10 ml of liquid can be used to clean up to 1 kg livableof fruits and vegetables. Though the application of the same in the Indian market would commence soon, but we are sure something of this sort would be really valuable under limited resource situations.

These kind of innovations that we look at on a day to day basis is something that would really open star-gates for Humanity that will not only help Humans to extend their reach in this unknown and scary universe but also support the existence of living in unfavourable conditions.

We come to the end of an interesting topic, which if we happen to explore would go endlessly as there are infinite number of possibilities that one could come across. But whenever we divulge in a specific topic, we would like to leave you with an idea to think about. The idea for this article is –

We humans, who are trying to reach new frontiers are only in search of something that we know or have come across on our small planet. But how do we search for something which we don’t know that exists. For instance, we look for life on another planet which is similar to the life found on Earth. What if there is life on another planet or as a matter of fact on the Sun but we do not have the means to check/identify the same. Think over it and if you happen to come across any such idea then please share your comments with us on the same.

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