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5 min readDhinchak Pooja + Startups + Content Marketing = Awesome Branding

Dhinchak Pooja

Hello all & welcome back to Pick My Story, your source for getting definitely the most interesting & effective startup mantras.

We hope that you have read our last blog which covered the story of a very high-tech startup from Bangalore that is bringing a brand new concept in India.

Entropik Tech is the name and it is using Artificial Intelligence to help you improve your brand.

Give it read. The blog is right here!

Coming to today’s topic of the blog!

A well-known name in the country, millions of youngsters of the country are listening to her music exploits, eagerly waiting for the next instalment. Her songs have brought people together and have made people very happy. So much so that, it has become sort of a cause for group laughter sessions during work hours.

Some of her top songs are-

  1. Swag Waali Topi
  2. font

  3. Selfie Maine Leli aaj
  4. Daaru, Daaru, Daaru
  5. And the latest one, ‘Mera Pink Scooter’

All of you know her name and no matter how hard you try, you cannot deny that you have heard her songs. And her name-SahiPakdeHain


Dhinchak’ Pooja:



The 23-year-old from Uttar Pradesh has become a YouTube sensation since her 1st song was released last year in July.

At this very moment, while I am writing this blog, her ‘Selfie song’ has 17,468,381 views.


Check out this link and tell us what is the count that you are looking at, down below in the comments section.

Highest count wins a gift voucher from Pick My story! For more details about the contest, contact us.

Getting back to Miss Dhinchak Pooja. With just a couple of songs (a term open for debate), she has become so popular that she has started earning a butt-load of money as well.

The estimated earnings of Dhinchak Pooja are between 3 to 51 lakhs approximately. And that is per month! You can check out the calculations, here. She has around 9K followers on Twitter, she’s been covered in The Indian Express and her videos have received millions of views on YouTube.

But you might already know all that about Dhinchak Pooja. Deny all you want, but despite the cringe her songs invoke within listeners, they are still on our minds. I know it because I am still recovering from listening to her latest, let’s call it ‘9 words repeated multiple times in such a tune that they do not sync with the music at all’ song.

You must be wondering if we have switched to the Music domain from the entrepreneurial sector? No, we haven’t! We are still all about helping new startup ideas grow & become a flourishing business. ‘New’ being the operative word!

Anything new requires traction and popularity to become well-known in the world. We have already given you an example above. If you look at Miss Dhinchak Pooja as a startup, you will realise the profitability she has gained within just a year of her 1st song’s launch. So how did she do it? What made her or any of the other YouTube sensation’s presence which is out there on the internet, so dominant?

The answer is:

Content Marketing:

An efficient content marketing can become a growth channel for your startup. It plays a major role in all of your marketing objectives. Be it acquiring new customers or branding your niche in the market. As the marketing objectives getting wider with the shifting dynamics of consumer behaviour, content marketing is accomplishing a more significant role in the marketing strategies.

Here’s why entrepreneurs in India need to focus on content marketing:

  1. It helps you establish yourself as Thought Leaders
  2. Boosts lead generation process
  3. Promotes your brand across different demographics

Check out how professionals across the world are yielding content marketing:



But Startups are not Dhinchak Pooja!

Perhaps not! Although you are still in the age of Internet, and buyers attune their purchase behaviour with what they see on the internet.

By the year 2020, the rate of online buyers will rise from 43.8% to 70.7%. So you can understand that even if your startup is not Dhinchak Pooja, you are still gonna sell your brand online, more or less!

Promoted by the active participation of users in the digital transaction domain, content marketing has become a driving force in every part of your business cycle. It is visible through the rapid growth the digital marketing segment is undergoing. In the year 2016, the digital marketing sector grew by 47.5 % over 2015 (source). And it’s a progressive pattern, not a momentary spurt!

Irrelevant to which sector your startup is in, broadcasting yourself will definitely help you boost your brand. You know how they say, ‘Everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s cool!’. Well, with content marketing it is kinda opposite & here’s why:

  1. All your competitors are doing it
  2. A properly strategized content can drive your lead generation rate, significantly!
  3. Content is an insanely potent online marketing tool when paired with SEO, SMM or SEM

So, when’s the right time to start?

That would be yesterday! Because if you haven’t started thinking about content marketing for your new startup idea, you are already behind your competitors.

Let us give you a few tips on how to get started:

  1. Document your marketing goals
  2. Identify the target audience
  3. Segregate it across relevant demographics (There are four)
  4. Identify the best promotion platforms based on segregation

These are the four basic steps you need to take while coming up with a content marketing strategy.

BTW, we do provide fully functional guidance & consultation to startups & young entrepreneurs, to help them engineer a content marketing strategy. So feel free to contact us. We are everywhere!

The takeaway:

It matters how you promote your brand image across the internet because consumers are very open to suggestions. If your content marketing strategy is positively suggestive, then you will reel in more business than before.

Let us know who do you about our ‘Dhinchak Pooja’ angle. You can contact us on our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter.

Stay tuned for some awesome content, cus it’s coming your way!


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Sumit Mishra

Content Writer at SRV Media
A content developer with years of experience and a few months on top in writing corporate content, marketing content and web content. Sumit is a certified content marketer with a knowledge of digital marketing. As a seeded blog and article writer, Sumit will share his ideas, opinions and thoughts in here which will help you set-up your startup!
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A content developer with years of experience and a few months on top in writing corporate content, marketing content and web content. Sumit is a certified content marketer with a knowledge of digital marketing. As a seeded blog and article writer, Sumit will share his ideas, opinions and thoughts in here which will help you set-up your startup!

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