• What Startups can Learn from The Men in Blue?

    Hello all & welcome to today’s instalment of ‘Startup-sutra’ from Pick My Story. Today we will discuss what can a startup learn from the men in blue. First things first! A few days ago we posted a story of an AR-centric startup. We would like to thank you all for the huge response! If any […]

    Stepping Into The Healthcare Sector? Here’s How The GST Would Influence It

    Introduction India is one of the largest countries in the world in regards to healthcare and medical tourism, owing to its exceptional technological advancements and affordable, yet effective medical solutions. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the 3rd largest in terms of volume across the globe, and with the growing population, the sector is bound to […]
  • What Is The Goods & Services Tax And How Is It Going To Influence Business Entrepreneurs?

    India is on the road towards transforming itself into a self-sustained global power in every facet. From introducing new policies in developing the infrastructure, to releasing new funds and grants towards the agricultural sector, the government is working towards bringing a phase shift in how things work. In this quest to work towards greater developments, […]

    Digital Marketing- Startup Holster’s most Powerful Weapon

    Digital marketing is the latest speck in the wind of startup which is blowing radically through the country. Every year young aspirants who are looking forward to make full-time entrepreneurship their passion launch into the marketplace with an amazing idea. Though, somewhere in their journey to fame, they are lost in the folds of marketing […]
  • Entrepreneur? Find Out if You Really are One With These Signs

    Entrepreneur – A word that has been quite a buzz among the young crowd. With all the startup talks going on everywhere and anywhere, it is more than likely for the young individuals to board the startup train. Not just the youth, but people who have been working in top-notch firms for quite a long […]

    Entrepreneurs, 3 Traits You Must Follow to Become Successful!

    Entrepreneur!! Entrepreneurial-ism is on the rise these days. While more than often entrepreneurial-ism is treated as a trait that is acquired during birth, one need not give it a second thought to understand that it is rather developed by one’s own self. By developing new virtues and habits, individuals can realize their dream of becoming […]
  • The Marketing Scenario if We Happen To Move to Mars- Part 2

    In this segment of Marketing at Mars, there are a few more companies that we can think of who would really benefit with their marketing if we happen to move to mars. Talk, Talk, Talk- After the Infrastructure, the next important thing would be to establish a communication channel for the humans who live there. […]
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    How To Do Tax Planning For Your Startup? Save a Few Dimes On Tax!

    Startup India, the scheme launched last year by PM Narendra Modi initiated India’s journey towards being a startup pro nation. The initiative included a slew of measures for encouraging the young entrepreneurs of the country to come up awesome ideas. In return, the government shall help them in actualizing them and turning it into sustainable businesses. […]
  • Different Types of Companies: A Brief Introduction

    A basic knowledge about how to lay foundation before constructing a building is required. Because we know, a weak foundation can destroy the whole building. Similarly before coming up with a startup you need to have a clear idea as to what should be your company type. All the different type of companies are mentioned […]

    Entrepreneurs 3 Ways Can Secure Funding startups!

    Entrepreneurs startups! Million dollar ideas are the talk of the town, and almost every enrepreneurs envisions to bring their idea into execution in one way or the other. While it is true that ideas are the seeds that germinate into organisations, one has to realise that getting a business started requires hefty stacks of cash, which […]
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