• Digital Marketing Aspects That Entrepreneurs Must Know!

    Launching a start-up is a commendable feat. Evading the words of discouragement, fighting the odds, and chasing the dream are just a few of the aspects that one goes through while launching their startups. Though launching a start-up is an achievement in itself, one must realize that it is just the beginning. All aspiring entrepreneurs […]

    Marketing automation System: An Intuitive Marketing Tool for your Startup

    We have stepped into the Information age in which the flow of information decides the direction of the business world and where business grows, money goes! Possession of tools which can be used to analyse and utilise the information impacts the efficiency & success-rate of a business. That is what makes a small business, big! […]
  • Startup Plans? Here are the Potential Sectors for Your Business

    Startup talks have been round the corner for quite a time now. From a college student to a working professional or even a house wife today dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, given the huge potential the Indian market offers startups today. But with rising number the competition also increases. Thus, it is essential to understand […]

    3 Ways to Build a Strong Network for Your Startup

    Networking is extremely essential for a startup. You cannot be a lone fish in the island be it in any case. By time immemorial, advantages of networking have been discussed and debated by many industrial professionals. We are not even treading there, but the area where we are surely treading is how to network. Successful […]
  • Entrepreneurs, Here Are 5 Quotes To Get You Going!

    Trying to start something on your own is never easy, even when you give in your best shot. Frankly speaking, more than often individuals fail, but that should not stop you from chasing your dream. If you truly believe in yourself, you must make sure that there is nothing that stops you from achieving this […]

    Logo is Crucial for a Startup! Some Mind-fodder to Convince You Why

    A logo is defined as a symbol or other small design adopted by an organisation to identify its products. You might be starting out and wondering whether to invest in a good design or not. Well, it might be tempting to not invest in a good design but experts will tell you otherwise. It will […]
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  • Business Name: How to Decide Upon One for Your Startup

    Business, be it of any type, needs a name to represent it.“Naam mai kya rakha hai?” Yes, we have heard this dialogue a zillion times but does it really stand true in today’s scenario. Seeing the tough competition and the ever growing number of startups in India it is essential that not only your business […]

    Digital Marketing- Startup Holster’s most Powerful Weapon Part 2

    In our last instalment of startup gyaan, we told you about how digital marketing, if efficiently done can impact your startup. It’s not just the newly budding business ventures can use an efficient digital marketing strategy, but this tool can revive a business which is struggling to get good engagement and exposure in the business […]
  • Entrepreneurs! Add These Books by Female Entrepreneurs to Your Read-List

    Entrepreneurs are a pro at multitasking because they are involved in numerous activities in their startups. However, this can be a daunting task too and often they find their motivation levels waning. We agree that inspiration can be found anywhere but nothing can beat reading real stories about those who have made it big by […]
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    Entrepreneurs, 3 Movies That Will Ignite The Entrepreneurial Spirit In You!

    Cinema has the power to take us to another world altogether, while we sit in the comfort of our homes or enjoy the luxury at a multiplex. Apart from providing the much-needed escape from reality, movies have the prowess to engage, excite and depress us in immeasurable means. While it is necessary for each of us to […]
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