• Young Entrepreneurs, Here Are 3 Traits To Increase Your Productivity!

    In this digital age, there is no dearth of resources for young entrepreneurs. From aspects pertaining to time-management to practices that promise increased productivity levels, young entrepreneurs can find various resources on the world wide web. Whilst many time-management experts dwell into the intricacies pertaining to the same, it is imperative for one to understand […]

    Minimum Value Product (MVP) – The New Age Revolution?

    MVP! Wondering what this term means? Let’s explore. You have a startup business idea. You sit with your business partners and investors, decide a business model, discuss the pros and cons, work on the business model and then finally launch it. So much toiling and so much time investment. Even after working so hard there […]
  • CHATBOTS – Redefining the World of Marketing! Part 2

    CHATBOTS – The latest buzz in the marketing world right now. It is very evident that digital marketing is the new phase of marketing and constant evolution in this field is observed. We today have an app or a website for everything, be it food, travel, clothing or anything on this planet. (We even have […]

    Young Entrepreneurs’ Secret Weapon For Marketing: Facebook Ads!

    Today’s millennial generation and young entrepreneurs assimilate a lot of data through various social platforms on the world wide web. Considering how everything is accessible through a click, people across the globe want a comprehensive list of what they wish to know. From news to updates to trends, individuals have access to these details through […]
  • Young Entrepreneurs, Here Are 3 Tricks You Must Remember!

    A lot of ifs and buts are bound to pop up on the way when young entrepreneurs launch their startups. While most of the questions require guidance and help in one form or the other, young entrepreneurs must adhere to some basic rules before embarking on the journey. With our blog, we aim at helping […]

    CHATBOTS – Redefining the World of Marketing

    “Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line, our customer service executive will get back to you in a short while.” Irritating right? Surely you must have heard this sentence over and over again, every time you tried to contact a company over phone to get some issue resolved. Now that you […]
  • Young Entrepreneurs, Here’s How You Can Deal With Rejection -2

    Entrepreneurship is one of the most sought after trends by individuals today. Persistence and hard work have long been considered as the underlying foundation for any idea, but off late more and more young entrepreneurs are convinced that passion might get the job done. If one is not willing to work hard for the passion, […]

    Customers Relations Management- Innovative System to Enhance Business Relations

    Customers Relations Management: Customers Relations Management is not exactly confined into one terminology of ‘a tool’ or ‘a device’, it’s a system! A system which integrates practices, strategies and technologies that enable the businesses to manage and analyse customer interaction. CRM is one of the most valuable systems for any small business for enforcing significantly […]
  • Marketing automation System: An Intuitive Marketing Tool for your Startup Part 2

    Marketing Automation was the focus of our previous blog, in which we learned about what these tools are all about. In this segment, we will tell you about why your startup should implement it in order to expand from a small business to large organisation. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits a […]

    LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool: A Conversation

    “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne Amita: Hey! Pick My Story: Hello! Amita: Wanted to have a conversation with you. What is all this stuff about digital marketing everywhere? Pick My Story: Well, digital marketing is the best bet to make if you want your business to have a tremendous reach […]
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